Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 10...

As we are being picked up at 11am for the airport, we decide to have a late breakfast and spend some relaxing time in our room till then. 
The airport is undergoing some reconstruction, so things are a bit messing and confusing but we get through to the ticket counter and security and then have to wait quite a while as our flight is a bit late for boarding; we are a bit frustrated while waiting as not much information is given.

Waiting for our flight to Langkawi

Berjaya Resort Reception

A very short flight and we are in Langkawi. It is so different here, quite the tropical island with plenty of open space and rice paddocks. The traffic is calm with good roads, but still plenty of scooters around with sometimes three sitting onboard, the kids don’t seem to wear helmets around here either. 
Our driver takes us to our hotel “The Berjaya Resort”. Our little chalet is in the middle of the rainforest, well appointed with all the modcond. The weather is now quite hot and humid but we are refreshed by a complimentary fruit juice and then taken to our chalet by shuttle.

Resort in middle of rainforest

Relaxing on the balcony

Later, we make our way to the Oriental Village to get our bearings, look through some of the shops and decide to go back there for tea. To our surprise, by the time we come back, most of the shops and cafes are closed, but we do find this friendly cafe in the foodcourt which serves up a delightful plate of prawn fried rice.

Oriental Village

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