Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Last Day In Malaysia...

Our last day in Langkawi. Our holiday is coming to an end. We take a taxi down to Pandai Kok and the Telaga Harbour Park for a bit of last minute sightseeing. It is a beautiful sunny day and the free roaming buffaloes are enjoying the green grass near the marina. It is amazing to see them there. The harbour is filled with many expensive looking yachts, further down near the Headland Watch Tower, a few fisherman's boat are also tied up along the piers.

Perdana Quay
Along this promenade, plenty of restaurants and bistros and a few retails shops and offices.

Free Roaming Buffaloes

The Marina

 The yachts and the rusty fisherman's boats tied alongside the pier

Headland Watch Tower

The Beach with Fisherman's Boat against a backdrop of mountain and rainforest.

We make our way back to the resort to check out of our room, our transfer will be here later to take us to the airport. It is a shame we have run out of time as there quite a few more areas of Langkawi to explore. It's certainly, a tourist's paradise and quite different to Penang.

It has been a wonderful holiday with plenty of new experiences, sightseeing and shopping. The people here are so helpful and friendly, they work hard for a living but seem happy with their lot.

That is it, I have enjoyed putting this blog of our trip together. Still have plenty of photos to go through, but I think I have included some of the best of what we have seen. See you for now, until our next adventure.


  1. Very nice pictures. Lg Tina

  2. Nadege this looks like a wonderful trip. What a great time you must have had! Have a great day!

  3. Oh, that crafts rusty roof...:D great port photos!