Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 2...

Early to rise after a good night sleep, we go down to the mezzanine floor for our breakfast.  Again the service is very good with plenty of fresh and varied food made available for us to tuck into.

5 minutes walk from our hotel

Varied architectures, the old and new blending together in the skyline.

Open cafe, cooking breakfast

We decide to take a walk around the streets and slowly make our way to the Petrona Twin Towers. The architecture is so varied with old and new, with rich and poor living side by side; the streets are very narrow but the traffic seems to flow ok. A lot of new constructions are going on. There are a lot of cafés and outdoor eateries, with people making their way to work; the city is slowly waking up after a busy and late night. Shops don’t open till 10am but stay open till 10pm.


Popular mode of transport

Approaching the Petrona Towers

Petrona Towers

The weather is getting quite hot and sticky, getting a little tired from our long walk; we make our way back to the hotel via air-conditioned taxi. A very clean, cheap and quick service with a very pleasant and helpful driver.

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