Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 7...

Today we are leaving Singapore. We are getting picked up nice and early to catch our flight to Penang.  Another stamp on our passport and we are off. Smooth flight and great service once again. More security check and eventually we get to our driver, who is waiting to takes us to our hotel “The Flamingo” which has great rooms with awesome views and a great pool.

View from our room

We take a walk down the street to get our bearings and get a few things from the shops. The streets here, are certainly not as clean as in Singapore. The traffic is quite heavy and the pavements are not very wide; there are plenty of little roadside eateries, but I am not sure I would be happy to eat at any of them. The standing of hygiene is not quite the same as ours. We walk back to the hotel, taking a detour by the beach where to our surprise there are fishermen’s shack laying all along the beach, with their boats just anchored off shore.

Walk along the street

Fish hawkers on side of road

The hotel's pool

We go a short way down the road to grab some tea from one of the café along the street, not quite the cafés we are used to but it smells good and food taste delicious. 
Another short walk along the beach to watch the sun set, then back to our room for a well earned rest.

Our favorite place to eat

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