Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 3...

Today we are going on a tour of Malacca.
We get picked up right on 8.45am and quickly make our way onto the main highway to Malacca. Our driver has us speeding along, following miles of palms and coconut tree plantations. Everything is so green and lush. Two hour later we find ourselves into the old city of Malacca

St Peter's Church

Making our way through narrow streets, we first visit the church of St Peter (1710) – the oldest Christian Church which is still in use now. We then, travel towards the largest Chinese Temple and cemetery outside of China, which is located at Bukit Cina (Chinese Hill), a quick stop to check out the temple and the Sultan’s Well and climb the small hill to view some of the old graveyard site.

At Bukit Cina, Chinese Temple

Inside the courtyard

Cemetery at the top of the hill

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