Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 6...

Early start today as we get picked up at 8.00 am to go to the Zoo. The bus ride is quite comfortable and our guide is very knowledgeable. As we drive along, we get a chance to look at some of the areas of the city we haven't walk through. The zoo has a fantastic set up, as most of the animals are kept in near natural environment. We first take the tram around the zoo to get an idea where the animals are kept.

The tour allows us plenty of time to have a good look at everything and spend time to take shots of not only the animals but also the beautiful orchids that can be found around the place.

Instead of going back to the hotel we asked to be taken to the flyer. 150 m in diameter, the flyer is an amazing engineering feast. We get on board for a smooth, slow ride around to the top for an incredible view over the city then quietly back down again.

The Singapore Flyer

View from the Top

A thunder storm comes over and we have to take cover for 15 minutes before the sky clears up again. We, then walk across the bridge to the Marina Sand Hotel for a ride up to the Skypark.
We purchase our tickets and ride the elevator to the 56th floor. A very quick and quiet ride to the top. The view from up there is amazing. It’s a shame that the weather is now a bit grey, but it still worth it, and I think it would be great to stay here for just one night so you could get to swim in that swimming pool and look over the edge.

Pool with a View
Marina Bay Sands Swimming Pool

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